MAA Limited Edition Trading Cards! Order before they are gone!

The Michigan Auctioneers Association unveiled a series of trading cards, similar to those involving baseball and other sports, depicting a 74-card set of ‘Legends’ trading cards which honors select both past and present auctioneers that have not only excelled in the auction profession but those that have been pivotal to the success of the Michigan Auctioneers Association.

Those include but not limited to; past Presidents of the MAA, MAA Auctioneer and Professional Ringmen Champions, Hall of Fame inductees along with those that were deemed as instrumental to the Michigan auction industry bsy committee.

The auction industry, which dates back thousands of years, remains the first and one of the remaining examples of the free enterprise system where products, prices and services are determined by the market. The professional auctioneer is a facilitator of this process which makes them an important pillar in their community.

“These trading cards are one way to illustrate the importance that the auctioneer is to the community. It also pays tribute to those that have made a considerable impact with the Michigan Auctioneers Association,” said Michigan Auctioneers Association’s Executive Director, Tricia Wiltjer.

Michigan Auctioneers Association’s President, Chuck Ranney said, “When the trading cards were initially unveiled at the National Auctioneers Association convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan they sold out within minutes.  When the general public learned of these cards, the demand for them was pretty overwhelming. We decided at that point to put them into a final production to help satisfy the demand.”

The limited print Michigan Auctioneers Association ‘The Legends’ trading cards can be purchased as a set of two series for $26.50 postage paid by contacting the Michigan Auctioneers Association at (616) 785-8288 or email:


The ‘Legends’ Series 1

1.       Barney Barnhart 20. Thomas H. Wiltjer *
2.       Garth Wilber* 21. Wayne Blair
3.       Dick Brodie 22. Ben Glardon
4.       Doug Heuker* 23. Jerry Helmer
5.       Dan Burns 24. Brian Braun
6.       C.B. Smith * 25. Rick Montgomery
7.       Mike Furlo 26. Hib Kuiper *
8.       Gwyn Besner 27. Tim Narhi
9.       Don Diesing * 28. Scott Miedema
10.   John Glassman * 29. Sid Miedema
11.   Red Merritt * 30. Dan Van Belzen
12.   Ed Belcher * 31. Art Smith
13.   Lloyd Braun * 32. Lee Smittendorf
14.   Peter Gehres 33. Tink Brown *
15.   Kenny Lindsay 34. Leon Casey
16.   Bill Sheridan 35. Cal Casey
17.   David Helmer 36. Tye Casey
18.   Ray Krakowski 37. Wade Leist
19.   Tricia Wiltjer


The ‘Legends’ Series 2

      38. Stan Perkins * 57. Beth Rose
      39. William O. Coats * 58. Dan Samson
      40. Herb Albrecht 59. Jonathan Kraft
      41. Brent Belcher 60. Joseph C. Schmitt III
      42. Laura Mantle 61. Mike Bliss
      43. Bob VanSickle 62. Darin Hower
      44. Bob Howe 63. Jerry P. Cole
      45. Brad Stoecker 64. Noah Smith
      46. Ed King * 65. Tim Bos
      47. Doug Sheridan 66. Steve Stanton *
      48. Willis Yoder 67. Kevin Belcher
      49. Leroy Yoder 68. David Albrecht
      50. Steve Reeser * 69. Becky Lawrence
      51. William Podell * 70. Midwest Auctioneers Roundup
      52. Jim Sykora * 71. 1957 National Auctioneers Association Convention in Lansing
      53. John Beechy 72. 1999 National Auctioneers Association Convention in Grand Rapids
      54. Jimmy Lambert 73. 2016 National Auctioneers Association Convention in Grand Rapids
      55. Henry Detweiler 74. Michigan Auctioneers Association Name and Logo Change
      56. Jason Lamoreaux * Denotes that Auctioneer is Deceased

Proof Sheets of each set shown below: