Michigan Ringman Championship 2024

Mt Pleasant Comfort Inn & Suites
2424 South Mission, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48858
Phone: (989)772-4000 * www.mtpcomfortinn.com

Join us for the most exciting part of the MAA’s Annual Conference! The Michigan Ringman Championship is the biggest and best competition in Michigan where Ringmen gather to show off their skills and compete in a friendly competition with their peers. Contestants will compete by “ringing” for an auctioneer and showing off their abilities to work the crowd, solicit and relay bids to the auctioneer, and create excitement at the auction! At the end of the evening, the 2024 Michigan Ringman Champion will be announced!

Will it be you?

Join the coveted list of Champions by entering to compete in the Michigan Ringman Championships.

Rules Overview:

  1. Any current MAA Member can enter (Entries close at 1:00 PM on Friday, February 2). *Please Pre-register to help keep the late entry confusion down.
  2. You must register and pay for a full registration at the convention and have your current membership dues paid for the year 2024. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age and a member of the MAA.
  3. There will be a $25.00 entry fee. ($35.00 after 1/12/24)
  4. You must bring the first donated item to sell. Each Contestant will ring two consecutive items. The first to be provided by the contestant, the second to be provided by the MAA and MAA Members. Value of the contestants donated items should be between $20.00 and $250.00.
  5. All contestants will meet at 4:00PM at the MAC & Ringman Contestant Prep & Rules Meeting.
  6. The order of competition will be a random contestant order draw, performed by committee prior to contestant meeting. All ringman contestants should bring their Auctioneer to the meeting if they’ve identified their Auctioneer prior to the contest.
  7. Two active (paid) members of the MAA will serve as the designated Auctioneers for the contest should contestants not have an Auctioneer selected. The designated Auctioneers will be selected by the Committee.
  8. No additional Ringman will participate during the ringman competition.
    Allow the Michigan Auctioneers Association (MAA) to capture photographic images & video for purposes of public promotion. The MAA may choose a posed photograph or one taken during the competition.
  9. Allow the MAA to use the champion’s name, voice or image to promote the Championship, the MAA, the Auction Industry, or the Champion for any reason.
  10. Shall promote the MAA and the Championship on their website and social media accounts in accordance with MAA approvals.
  11. Shall cooperate with the MAA in drafting and releasing a Press Release related to the Championship.
  12. There will be 3-5 judges for the contest.
  13. Contestants will be called to compete and will be introduced by the contest Emcee. Any ringman item descriptions will be handled by the Emcee. If the contestant is not present when called to the podium, he or she will be disqualified.
  14. Contestants will NOT be allowed to sell in the MAA Benefit Auction or work the ring (other than the competition) until the contest is completed, or they have been eliminated.
  15. A Champion will be announced at the end of the evening.
  16. The winner will receive a trophy and the title Michigan Ringman Champion.

For the complete listing of rules & procedures for the MAA Ringman Championships, please refer to the MAA Website at www.FindMichiganAuctions.com.

For the Ringman Championship Entry Form, Click HERE.