John Hamilton, DREI
Florida & Montana

John Hamilton is a confirmed ‘negotiating junkie’ from a small country town in Western Pennsylvania. His negotiating experiences include real estate, commercial construction, private consulting and public service. John has conducted negotiating workshops in 49 of the 50 states and 6 Canadian provinces. John has presented at the National Auctioneers CAI program for 30 years. His book, KEEP Negotiating, is a desk reference for good negotiators everywhere. The hallmark of John’s programs is that they are rich in practical content and presented with a touch of energy and humor.

“Great By Choice”

If you are overdue for a “capability upgrade”, then this session is for you. It includes a range of topics, including how 10Xers get exceptional results, how to employ negotiating strategies in every business and personal encounter, how to eliminate inconsistencies, recognize common blind spots and master effective power language. If you’ve been in a John Hamilton session before then you know he shares practical and usable information, gets everyone involved, but always adds that right touch of humor.