MAA Conference 2024 – Marketing Competition

1. Any current MAA member with a paid convention registration may enter.  That members name must appear on each entry form or the entry will be disqualified.
2. All entries must be in promotion of auctions occurring between January 1 and December 31 of 2023, unless otherwise noted.  Exception:  This does not apply to the Vintage Auction Memorabilia Category; Photo entries are within the last two years.
3. Each individual entry must be accompanied by an official completed entry form and a $5.00 per item entry fee.  Category 7, Vintage Auction Memorabilia, will have no entry fee. Only original work will be accepted – no photocopies.
4. MAA Members may submit up to three entries per Section in each Category.
5. All entries must be received on or before 11 AM, February 1, 2024. Entries must be entered in person at the convention.  No mailed or emailed entries will be accepted, except for the website and social media categories, which must be submitted via email by January 19, 2024.
6. Failure to comply with any of the rules will cause the entry to be judged ineligible for the Marketing Contest.
7. Winners will be awarded at the Presidential Banquet, if appropriate entries are received.
8. Category 1 – Auction Printed Materials
  • All entries must display either the current MAA logo or include the statement that the Auctioneer is a MAA member.
  • In all Sections, color is defined by ink use, not paper.
9. Category 2 – Media Coverage and Digital Marketing
  • Section 1 is for printed news stories written and published by professional news services.
  • Section 2 is for professional news video or audio coverage produced and aired by professional news organizations.
  • Section 3 is for audio and/or video projects produced by auction companies either internally or by professional production companies to promote either an auction or the auction company.
  • All audio and video recordings entries must be submitted on a thumb drive at the conference. Each entry must be submitted on its own thumb drive, one entry per thumb drive. The file should be clearly named so that the MAA can identify the entry. Each thumb drive will be clearly labeled with the member’s name.
10. Category 3 – Business Promotion
  •  Section 2 – News releases entered should be accompanied by any press clips or news coverage generated by them.
11. Category 4 – Website/Social Media
  • All Website and Social Media entries must be received in the MAA Office by January 19, 2024 with the official entry form and required pdf for the social media category.
  • The member Web Site will be judged on the layout, design, ease of navigation, completeness of information, etc. of the website.
  • Members may either submit printed views (.pdf format) of their website or judges will navigate to your actual website for judging.
  • All websites must display the current MAA logo.
  • All Social Media entries must be in PDF form and emailed to the MAA by January 19, 2024.
  • Social Media will be judged on effective use and integration of social media, a provided narrative and the example provided.
  • Social Media Entries must include:
    • List of links to all social media outlets including company website
    • Narrative on company’s strategy and use of Social Media
    • Example from the previous 12 months of social media interaction
12. Category 5 –  Photo Entries
  • Photo entries must be clearly marked with Members name, address, date of auction and category entered.
  • Photos must be recent, within the last two years.
  • Photos will be judged on quality, content and how well they capture an auction.
  • Judges will choose photos that DO NOT have company names or logos first.  They will choose “logo photos” only if they are superior to other photos by a wide margin.
13. Category 6 – Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • Auction Marketing Campaign of the year entries may be judged on any of the following: Innovativeness and creativity, Crowd pleasing aspects, Revenue earned, Technological enhancements, Promotional elements, Auction attendance, Auction items sold, Satisfaction of client(s), Satisfaction of bidders, Atmosphere of event.
  • Presentation folders and all contents will be judged.
  • Items entered in this category may also be entered in other sections.
  • The Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year entry summaries may include any of the following:
    • Important information on why the auction was noteworthy
    • Marketing strategy and tactics
    • Goals for the Auction
    • Copies of press releases and news coverage about the auction
    • Copies of photographs, advertisements, and any promotional materials.
    • Innovative marketing or techniques employed.
    • Online marketing
    • Target Markets
    • Summary
14. Category 7 – Vintage Auction Memorabilia
The Vintage Auction Memorabilia Categories will be judged onsite by popular vote of the membership and conference attendees
15. Winners will be awarded at the President’s Banquet, if appropriate entries are received.  Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year & Social Media Website will be kept SECRET until banquet.
16. Winning Entries will NOT be returned (except for Company Image Wear / promotional items) unless the request is made in writing along with the entry. A self-addressed, stamped envelope must be included.
17. Winner names will be published in the Gavel and placed on the MAA.
18. For Complete Rules & Procedures, go to the MAA Website at

Download the Competition Forms HERE.