Billy Peyton, Midwest Auctioneer Champion


ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN – Professional auctioneer, Billy Peyton from Preble County, Ohio took top honors at the highly anticipated Midwest Auctioneer Championship. The Midwest Auctioneer Championship saw a field of 25 top quality auctioneers from around the Midwest competing for the title of the Grand Champion of the coveted auctioneer championship. The championship was held in conjunction with the Midwest Auctioneers Roundup which is hosted by the Michigan Auctioneers Association.

The highly esteemed auctioneer championship saw five finalists starring Justin Croy, Wade Baer, Dan Troyer and Elmer Yoder, who earned 2nd place in the competition. All finalists received a plaque commemorating their achievement and a cash prize.

The Champion, Billy Peyton is a proud member of the Ohio Auctioneers Association, the Michigan Auctioneers Association, and the National Auctioneers Association. The highly talented auctioneer is no stranger to top placements in major auctioneer championships. Peyton won the 2017 Ohio Auctioneers Association Junior Auctioneer Championship. In two consecutive years, Peyton was ranked in the Top 15 finalists in the 2017 and 2018 International Auctioneers Championship. Then he appeared in the 2018 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship coming in as a finalist in that competitive contest. When not selling automobiles and equipment, Billy is part of his fiancées cattle/grain farming operation of over 800 acres.

Upon receiving the Midwest Auctioneer Championship purse of $2,500 and the championship award, Peyton was visibly taken aback “Wow. I can’t believe it. Wow.” Taking a few moments to compose himself, he said, “There is one person I really want to thank…..and that’s God. I want to thank God for blessing me to be an auctioneer and letting me do this. I’ve been wanting to be an auctioneer since I was five years old. I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Ever since I went to that first auction, I was hooked and I’ve made my dream come true and became an auctioneer.” Peyton went on to thank his beautiful fiancé, Katie Bratton for her unwavering support, his parents, the Michigan Auctioneers Association, and dozens of others that were pivotal in his early successes as a professional auctioneer.

One of the judges commented, “This was a really difficult championship to judge based on the overwhelming amount of talent. We were looking at accomplished auctioneers that compete on the national level. However, it was many of the lesser known names that do not compete in similar contests that kept this competition especially tight. In the end, Peyton amassed the most points.”

The Midwest Auctioneer Championship was broadcasted live to a worldwide audience. “This is an unique competition in the sense their isn’t much in the way of rules – other than they must wear a hat, any kind of hat and sell what they are selling within a two minute time frame. Contestants are scored exclusively on their real-world auction chant – and man, do they put on an authentic show!” Said co-founder and Marketing Director, Kenny Lindsay, CAI.