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MAA has joined forces with TSYS Merchant Solutions, we understand your business is changing and the ability to accept multiple forms of payments is essential. Credit card processing is not limited to just the processing of individual credit cards. This industry has grown to include processing of debit cards, electronic check conversion, ACH transactions and the ability to accept payments over the internet through a payment portal. The industry has changed to accommodate the needs of individual merchants, such as your practice, as well as the demand from the consumer. The program that has been established for MAA members includes:

  • Discounted group rates on Visa® and MasterCard® transactions
  • No monthly minimums, no hidden fees
  • Quick payment on transactions
  • Value Added Services: debit card acceptance, mobile solutions, check verification/guarantee services, and EASY on-line access
  • Dedicated account management team

TSYS Merchant Solutions will prepare a FREE confidential rate consultation, which will allow you to see if your current processor is meeting your needs and expectations in the most economical way. Or to show you the benefits of beginning your own card acceptance program. As they always say, membership has its privileges. And being an MAA member allows you to take part in this program, allowing you to receive discounted rates that MAA has negotiated for you. The hard work has been completed, and now all you have to do is allow TSYS Merchant Solutions to show you how you can help reduce your bottom line on card acceptance!

A TSYS Merchant Solutions representative will be contacting you soon to discuss the savings opportunities of the new MAA program, and the other benefits to your auction company.

For more information and a no obligation comparison, fill out the form at the following link:

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