Henry Detweiler, Michigan Auctioneer Champion 2012


Henry Detweiler, Michigan Auctioneer Champion 2012Henry Detweiler of Charlotte, Michigan, won the 2012 Michigan Auctioneer Championships.

This year, the contest was held in Lansing at the Michigan State Auctioneers Association’s 61st Annual Conference. 10 contestants competed for the coveted title. The 6 finalists were Henry Detweiler (Charlotte, Mich.), Romayne Graber (Charlotte, Mich.), Darin Hower (Lake City, Mich.), Wade Leist (Boyne City, Mich.), Jerry Mast (Vermontville, Mich.) and Donna Tuttle (Mio, Mich.). For winning the title Henry received a championship ring, trophy, and entry into the International Auctioneer Championship in July.

Also taking home honors were Wade Leist and Romayne Graber. Leist was 1st runner up and Graber was 2nd runner up.

Detweiler owns Sunrise Auction Service in Charlotte where he specializes in horses, farm equipment, and personal property auctions along with a number of fundraising auctions each year. He has also travelled across the state working as an Independent Contract Auctioneer for other auction companies in the past 6 years.

Detweiler is also a member of Yutzy’s Auction Team of Charlotte where he works along with Mast, Graber and Lavern Yutzy, who owns the company.

Henry is also an avid hunter and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the National Wild Turkey Foundation and Pheasants Forever, were he serves on chapter committees and conducts Banquet Auctions. He is also a Certified Farrier and member of the Michigan Horseshoers Association.

He has been in the auction business since 2006 and lives in the Charlotte area with his wife, Edna Mae (Graber) Detweiler, and daughter, Veronica Jane.

Detweiler commended the MAA for its high standards in Ethics and Code of Conduct as well as its goal to provide a high level of education for auctioneers. He said “I want to Thank the MAA for helping me to reach one of my goals and for allowing me the other of being your champion and the chance to be an ambassador for the MAA for the next year. I also want to thank the MAA for helping me be all I can be as an auctioneer.”