Auction Marketing Competition

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The 2016 Marketing Competition was judged at the MAA Annual Conference, January 19-21 2017 in Traverse City, MI. Auctioneers from across the state were awarded for their outstanding accomplishments in marketing. There was a total of approximately 147 entries in the 37 categories competed for in the coveted marketing competition. The most prestigious of the awards went to the Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year category, won by Epic Auctions & Estate Sales; the Website & Social Media Categories were won by Beth Rose Real Estate & Auctions and Miedema Asset Management Group, respectively.

Category 1: Printed Materials (brochure, catalog or postcard)

Antiques / Collectibles – One or Two Color
Art Smith Auctioneers, May 14 Auction

Estate / Household – One or Two Color
Miedema Asset Management Group, Benedict Auction

Business Assets /or Liquidations – One or Two Color
Braun & Helmer Auction Service, Farmers Bros Trucking

Industrial Machinery & Equipment – One or Two Color
Braun & Helmer Auction Service, City of Ann Arbor

Farm Machinery & Equipment – One or Two Color           
Miedema Asset Management Group, Salmon farm

Real Estate – One or Two Color  
Miedema Asset Management Group, 98 Acres St Joseph

Antiques / Collectibles – Multi Color        
Miedema Asset Management Group, Classic Cars

Estate / Household – Multi Color              
Tim Narhi Auctioneers & Associates, LLC, Brown Auction

Business Assets /or Liquidations – Multi Color    
Miedema Asset Management Group, Feb 27 Farm

Industrial Machinery & Equipment – Multi Color
Miedema Asset Management Group, Bosgraf Auction

Farm Machinery & Equipment – Multi Color        
Scott Vander Kolk, Bader & Sons

Specialty Auction – Multi Color  
Beth Rose Real Estate & Auction, Dickerson

Real Estate – Multi Color
Beth Rose Real Estate & Auction, Dexter Michigan

Benefit / Charity – Multi Color    
Beth Rose Real Estate & Auction, Sweet Success

Category 2: Media Coverage

Printed News Coverage (Professional News Service)
Beth Rose Real Estate & Auction

Digital Promotion (Self Promoted)          
Epic Auction & Estate Sales

Category 3: Business Promotion

Business Stationary, Letterhead, Envelope, Card, Brochure, Promotional Item   
Beth Rose Real Estate & Auction

News Release  
Miedema Asset Management Group

Company Image Wear  
Epic Auctions & Estate Sales

Company Vehicle/Trailer             
Art Smith Auctioneers

Epic Auctions & Estate Sales

Customer Testimonial, Affiliated Membership/Service Recognition         
Art Smith Auctioneers

Auction Networking      
Epic Auctions & Estate Sales / David Helmer

Category 4: Auction Presentations:

Auction Proposals           
Beth Rose Real Estate & Auctions

Category 5:  Website/Social Media:

Beth Rose Real Estate & Auctions

Social Media      
Miedema Asset Management Group

Category 6: Photos:

Photo from Behind the Auctioneer         
Art Smith, Fall Auction Scene

Auction Photo  
Scott Vander Kolk, Aerial

Side Show Photo             
Braun & Helmer Auction Service, Kid auction

Photo from Previous MAA Convention 2016        
Scott Vander Kolk

Photo of Staff   
Braun & Helmer Auction Service, loading

Auction Location Photo
Scott Vander Kolk, Combines

Category 7: Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year:

Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year             
Epic Auctions & Estate Sales

Category 8: Vintage:

Vintage Auction Flier     
Kenny Lindsay, Horse sale

Vintage Auction Photo 
Brian Braun

Vintage Auction Item    
Noah Smith

*Categories with no entries or disqualified entries are not listed.