Community Papers of Michigan Member Program


Community Papers of Michigan offers $200 to MAA auctioneers.

Since 2013, Community Papers of Michigan has partnered with Michigan Auctioneers Association to provide an easy, one-stop form of marketing throughout our wonderful state.

One of our most successful programs has been MegaMarket – a statewide classified network. Since 2013, CPM has donated over $33,000 to MAA. This year, CPM has changed gears and will now begin rebating individual MAA members.

Here’s the program. Beginning in January 2024, MAA auctioneers who place a minimum of 30 paid Classified Network ads in a calendar year, CPM will reimburse those auctioneers $200 each December directly. Our board of Directors also felt it was important to continue offering MAA member discounts.

ALL MAA Auctioneers will receive the following:

  • $229 base price, a $20 discount off the regular $249 price.
  • 6 additional words for the same price as 25. (We did this as live auctions require addresses which take a lot of additional words.)
  • Receive every fourth ad FREE. A $249.00 value.
  • Bold words on up to half of each ad. FREE.
  • An opportunity to earn a year-end Rebate.
  • Auctioneers who place 30 or more paid network classified ads in a single calendar year will earn a $200 year-end Rebate.

The Statewide MegaMarket program has been very successful for MAA members. Should you wish to explore this marketing opportunity more, please contact Don Rush via email, toll free phone or directly to his cell phone.; 1-800-783-0267; 810-636-3798.